Tuesday 2 October 2018

CISVA Cross Country Championships Tomorrow

CISVA Cross Country Championships (Rain or Shine) ATTN: Parents...Please find rides for your student to and from the location. We leave the school at 8:45am. Click on the (ccs google calendar map) to get good directions. There is some parking next to the stadium but also off Boundary Rd or Imperial street... there is a little walk to the stadium from these locations so plan ahead. CCS sure appreciates all of the parent drivers and when drivers take the time to check the directions online. It helps us leave the school in a timely manner and causes less disruption to classes.
The meet will begin at 10:45am and the races will continue in this order:

Run Start Times
10:45am Gr 2 girls
11:00am Gr 2 boys
11:15am Gr 3 girls
11:30am Gr 3 boys
11:45am Intermediate Fun Run (Gr 4-7)
12:00pm Primary Fun Run (Gr 2-3)
12:15pm Gr 4 girls
12:30pm Gr 4 boys
12:45pm Gr 5 girls
1:00pm Gr 5 boys
1:15pm Gr 6 girls
1:30pm Gr 6 boys
1:45pm Gr 7 girls
2:00pm Gr 7 boys


Monday 10 September 2018

Cross Country Information Grades 1 to 7 boys and girls

Cross Country Information
Permission forms are available at the office.  Today Mr Klaponski handed out permissions in class to students that were interested.

Grade Level Distances

1        1 km (5 times around our track)

2 & 3     1.2 km

4 & 5     1.8 km

6 & 7     2.4 km

Training will occur during PE classes

Our first meet (open to Gr.1-7 –the only meet offered to our Grade 1s) is the Star of the Sea Cross-Country meet on Monday, September 24th.  It will be held at Crescent Park in South Surrey.  This is a great participation meet and it is close to our school.  This is a fun meet and the boys and girls will run with their age groups.

Our second meet is the CISVA Cross-Country meet (Gr. 2-7) on Wednesday, October 3rd .  It is at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby. This meet has a competitive and non-competitive portion. All students will participate in 1 run.  The 4 CCS athletes with the fastest times from each age group will compete in the competitive run (with the option of the Fun Run, if they have enough energy to do so).  All other runners will take part in the fun run. Cross Country Coaches will decide the 4 runners that will participate in the competitive race.

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Welcome Back Everyone! PE and Athletics reminders (ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO SIGN UP FOR THIS BLOG'S EMAILS)

Hello and welcome back,
Here are some reminders that may help for PE/Extracurricular and the start of this school year;

PE list
-Proper Athletic (running) shoe (try to get shoes without foam bottoms... rubber is safest.)
-Building routines or responsibilities (gr 3+) for remembering the FULL Gym Strip

Extracurricular Equipment
-Soccer cleats and shin pads and socks (gr 5, 6, 7 boys)  Soccer practices begin Monday, Sept 10th
-Volleyball knee pads (gr 5, 6, 7)

The CCS Athletics Department works hard to communicate efficiently and effectively with parents each year.  Mr. Klaponski (the PE teacher and Athletics Coordinator) is responsible for updating the school calendar with up to date information (event, day, time) about upcoming athletic events.  There you will find the PE timeline (showing all the PE days/times for Classes), team practice times (available after the first week), permission slips and Term 1 games schedule (once game and event times have been finalized within our association), and other pertinent information.  He also updates all CCS athletics events, home and away games on the SCHOOL CALENDAR often with google map directions. Find this information for yourself here. ***Please do not phone the school office to look it up for you on the school calendar.***

If a game or practice is cancelled on the day of the event students will phone to make arrangements.  If the game is the next day then the athlete will be told during the day and the website will be updated.

Volunteer opportunities arise throughout the year in the Athletics Department (aka reffing and coaching are the big ones). CCS families have been very supportive and without you we couldn’t have such a successful program for our children.

We measure our success on an "effort over outcome" approach to learning the sport, while striving to work "hard, smart and together."  If you have an idea on how to help us, do let us know in advance so we can make arrangements with you and give you training if necessary. 
Mr. Matthew Klaponski

Monday 5 March 2018

CCS Girl Basketball Success (Please return all Jerseys ASAP!!!)

CCS Girl Basketball Success Last Friday.  CCS had the grade 6 and 7 girl basketball teams in the final four tournament at the Richmond Oval and both teams played fantastic. A narrow loss was the result of their semi-final games and in the consolation final the grade 6 girls were victorious.  A nail bitter gr 7 girl game did not result in a win but the game was well fought.  We are so proud of your dedication and wish you the best with your future basketball efforts.  Hard! Smart! Together! GO CCS!!!

Sunday 4 March 2018

Gr 5, 6, 7 Girls Soccer Begins this Wednesday and Thursday

The Girls soccer season is once again upon us and as the sun begins to shine a little longer each day I am excited at the opportunity to once again get outside on the field.  Our coaches will be Junior (Miss Losito and Coach Ryan) and Senior (Miss Paraiso and Coach Nelson Sandu).  Permission slips (with game days and times) will be confirmed once the season schedule is available. Practices will be posted on the school website calendar and updated there. All practices are to be held at Cloverdale Athletic Park (3-4:30pm unless otherwise noted. )

We will be on Field #1 near the tennis courts.

Our first practices are Wed March 7th and Thursday March 8th @ 3-4:30pm.

Thursday 1 March 2018

Final Four Basketball Championships for Gr 6 and 7 girls tomorrow

After a season of hard work and discipline CCS has the grade 6 and 7 girl basketball teams in the final four tournament tomorrow at the Richmond Oval. We are so proud of your dedication and wish you to play your team's best basketball tomorrow.  Hard! Smart! Together! GO CCS!!! 

The Grade 7 Girls Basketball Team will be playing the following PLAYOFF game:

Final Four Playoff Game (Semi-Finals and Finals) is…
 Friday, March 2nd @ Richmond Oval 6111 River Rd

Start time for the game is 10:45am and 1:45pm.  Depart at 9am. 

The Grade 6 Girls Basketball Team will be playing the following PLAYOFF game:

Final Four Playoff Game (Semi-Finals and Finals) is…
 Friday, March 2nd @ Richmond Oval 6111 River Rd

Start time for the game is 9:30am and 12:30pm.  Depart at 8am.